Obsessive Compulsive iPhone Disorder

Steve JobsBill Gates.  Mark Zuckerberg.  Who among these three men has infiltrated my life the most?   Over the last six months, I might have given the edge to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

I came to Facebook late and felt apprehensive about joining the party.  I went out and bought “Facebook for Dummies” and read it cover to cover before I made my first friend.  About one hour and 10 friends later, I was hooked.   I love viewing my FB friends’ photos and getting updates on their lives.

I also feel passionate about current events and history and have discovered that I can lock in Facebook feeds from all my favorite news organizations and blogs.  I have never been so thoroughly informed and such a pain in the ass.  I suffer from a compulsive “need to know.”

For example, today my hairdresser told me that Julia Childs attended Branson High School in Ross, CA.  I had read Julia Child’s biography, “My Life in France,” and while it mentioned her Pasadena roots, I didn’t recall her memory of Branson.  Right in the middle of my hair color application, I grabbed my iPhone and googled Child’s life and learned that yes, Julia Childs had boarded at Branson, which I also discovered had been the alma mater of Olympic skier Jonny Moseley.   Phew!

Enjoying my iPhone

This brings me to my iPhone and Steve Jobs.  I feel badly about Steve Jobs.  He just announced that he can no longer fulfill his duties as CEO of Apple due to his protracted battle with cancer and in effect, has turned the tech world and the rest of us who loiter in the Apple store at the Mall, upside down.  Apple stock fell 5.1 percent yesterday after Jobs’ resignation.   My new iPhone 4 looked less shiny today.

Technology has permeated every corner of my life and I blame Steve Jobs for this.  I’ve owned iMacs and iPods and now the iPad, but nothing has consumed me quite like my iPhone.  It has everything:  a phone, of course, and all of my contacts, daily calendar, messaging, music, podcasts, games that my daughter plays, directions, camera, calorie counter, Facebook, videos, the Internet.  About the only thing you can’t do with an iPhone is have sex, but no doubt someone will prove me wrong on that account too.

Steve Jobs is both genius and devil, an extraordinary inventor who dreams of things we never knew we needed so badly.  But Jobs’ visions come with a downside.  While it appears to facilitate social interaction, the iPhone often does just the opposite.

Many pundits have expounded on this topic, but I don’t need to read their columns to know this.  My children told me the other night during the Giants’ baseball game when the team was losing and I started playing with my iPhone.  My daughter, whose texting bill would horrify the most patient parent, admonished ME for checking out from one of the Giants’ many false starts.  Is there an iGiant application to get the team hitting again?  With Steve Jobs gone, we’ll never know.


4 responses to “Obsessive Compulsive iPhone Disorder

  • maggie

    Thanks for the story, Nancy. You are a clever girl and fast becoming one of my key reference points for what’s going on out there.

  • Kim Blue

    Hey Nancy,
    I just joined the ranks of iphone users last week, and it really is all it’s cracked up to be. Ten times easier to use than my Blackberry! Which means that there is now hope that I will become proficient in texting, which is a necessity if I ever need to contact my daughters when they aren’t home (or, sadly, sometimes even if they are home!) xo Kim

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