Falling off the Wagon

Officially, I began my no-sugar pledge on July 11 but announced it to the world, or 30 or so of my friends, with my new blog on July 14 (authenticated by WordPress.com blog stats).  I had so much fun along the way primarily because I wrote about it.

I enjoy writing, but rarely take the opportunity to write about my experiences.  I read a book about writing that encouraged me to find and write about a corner of the world that I knew intimately so I chose sugar.  I am no expert on the subject; I just ate a lot of sugar and knew that if I continued to do so, I wouldn’t be able to tie my shoes one day.

I have delighted in the ride.  I wrote about things that dominate my brain – chocolate, fashion, eating when I’m upset, my mother.  And then, I privately welcomed the end because I only committed to 30 days.

I jumped off the wagon Saturday evening with a trip to the yogurt store near my home for a chocolate frozen yogurt.  I really missed the chewy texture of chocolate chips so I topped off my dessert with about a cup of chips.

Once you begin your descent into sugarland, you slide fast.

Late Sunday afternoon, I returned from a movie with my husband, hungry and prepared to make dinner.  In my absence, my daughter had baked a plate of the most delectable chocolate chip cookies, which she thoughtfully displayed on the kitchen island for my inspection.   I didn’t want to disappoint her so I ate two cookies for hors d’oeuvres and two for dessert.

Lindsay Lohan mug shot

Lindsay Lohan

Have I learned nothing?

I have had treats in my house over the last month, but avoided them because I felt accountable on some level.  Once the deadline lifted, I wasted no time in returning to my old ways.  I have become the Lindsay Lohan of sugar addicts.

I did not plan to write this ending.   I wanted to tell you what a great experience the past 30 days has been and talk ad nauseam about how much I benefited from it.  But no one likes self-righteousness, least of all me, so I guess I feel better that it ends this way.  Or is it just the beginning?

I hope so.  I don’t know how long I can continue to mine the subject of sugar and diet for blog postings although at times, the possibilities seem endless.  I do know I want to continue to write about life experiences:  past, present and future.

I invite you to read along and tell me how you feel.  Did I miss the mark?  Do you have a suggestion or comment?  I thank you for your support thus far and look forward to hearing from you.


6 responses to “Falling off the Wagon

  • alicia donahue silvia

    Nanc….You had a good run off the sugar! Life is short and you deserve a little sweeet every now and then. Keep blogging..with Fall soon to be upon us there will be lots to wirte about! Caan’t wait to read more from you.

  • Joanne Desmond

    Of course you did not miss the mark. Remember, I am the one that has rejoined Weight Watchers so many times I think I have financed Jennifer Hudson as their spokesperson, but that does NOT keep me from trying again and again (and again), This is just another blip on the radar, what IS important is that you are writing and have a captive audience (me). I enjoy your writing and hope you continue to blog, write essays, whatever it is. Keep the faith and as my dad used to say “one day at a time”.



  • Transitioning Mom

    “I have become the Lindsay Lohan of sugar addicts.” ROTFLOL!!

    And, no, even as a new reader, I can tell you didn’t miss the mark. Life is about deciding to do something and going for it! Sometimes, we even do it over and over again…like writing a blog. Or, in my case, even dieting.. 😉

    Great post, again!

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