The Blog Days of Summer

I have been vacationing for the last week and have not been inspired to write.  I have been inspired to eat, read and sit on a beach chair contemplating the loveliness of Lake Tahoe, which never ceases to dazzle me.

Lake Tahoe moonlight

I remain faithful to my “no sugar” pledge unless you count the mounds of whipped cream I load onto my nightly dessert of strawberries.  New discovery – the cream sure makes the berries go down easier.

Today, I’m taking the easy way out and merely listing a few important lessons I’ve learned over the last several weeks on my “no sugar” journey.

1)      No matter what changes I make to my diet, every day I am one day older.  I welcomed this in my teens, not so much in my 50s, but it does beat the alternative.

2)      Within a couple of weeks of eliminating sugar, I slipped into my “medium-fat” jeans and right out of my “fat-fat” jeans.

3)      If I ever stand a chance of fitting into my ‘skinny” jeans again, I will have to do something more drastic than eliminate sugar.

4)      My taste buds feel sharper.   I believe the huge volume of sugar I ate every day dulled them.

5)      My supportive husband has voluntarily taken a break from sugar too and loses weight at three times the rate I do.  I still love him anyway.

6)      Two weeks into my “no sugar” pledge, it seemed achievable.

7)      Two weeks and one day into my “no sugar” pledge, it seemed impossible.  This is definitely a day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute struggle.

8)      My lower back pain has gone away for the moment, but I don’t know if this has anything to do with my eliminating sugar.   I hope not.

9)      I can proudly wear my orange San Francisco Giants t-shirt again.  I’m pretty sure that’s why they beat the Pirates last night.

10)   Writing a blog is much cheaper than therapy, Jenny Craig and/or Weight Watchers.


6 responses to “The Blog Days of Summer

  • Sally McDonald

    Hilarious. Especially 6, 7 and 9.

    No matter what happens with your sugar, you have to keep posting after the 30 days are over because I need the laughs.

    And keep that orange shirt on.

  • Joanne Desmond

    this is the best top 10 ever, you should write for Letterman!

  • Karen

    This is your 36 year old niece finally chiming in. We are on a very long car ride home from Disneyland, and I have been reading your blogs aloud to Marc. Dominic and Kayla “can’t listen” because they are glued to their myriad of electronics. Thanks for the laughs. I relate all too much to your sugar/diet coke addiction. It must be hereditary. This is also an official request to begin blogging about the obesity at amusement parks. Love, Karen

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