My Black Wardrobe

About a year ago, I remodeled my closet.  My old closet stood about a foot and a half off the floor, which put the closet rod just out of my reach.  Since I am short, I stretched on my tippy toes to select my clothes and when I wanted to dig deeper, I stood on a chair.  Heavy, sliding doors further restricted my view of the closet’s contents.

My new closet was a revelation.  I organized all of my clothes into three smaller compartments with rods of various heights and opened the doors with ease.

I discovered a wardrobe that read like the uniform manual of a professional mourner.

My Black Wardrobe

My Black Wardrobe

Black clothes dominated the closet rack:  jackets, coats, pants, blouses, skirts and dresses from size six to 12.   I brightened when I noticed a black skirt and a pair of pants with a pop of white as an accent.

I used to embrace bright colors.  I remember a gorgeous plum wool turtleneck and matching raw silk pants that I favored in college.  At one point, I owned a lavender raincoat that I thought was so smart.

In my 30s and 40s, I gained weight and a black wardrobe to hide it all.  I am now in my 50s and trying to turn it around.

I’m starting gingerly with accessories.  A friend’s daughter invited me to a jewelry party and I purchased a two-tiered silver necklace with blue gemstones, which I boldly wear on occasion.  I bought a violet North Face jacket that looks terrific with my black performance apparel.

My ultimate goal is to wear stripes again.  Stripes convey a classic style, yet suggest fun and youth.  I’ve stayed away from them because as Marie Claire magazine accurately opined, “Stripes can widen your figure.”

In spite of Marie Claire’s admonition, stripes have returned to the fashion forefront, and I long to incorporate them into my wardrobe, perhaps with a pair of stripey pumps, as Glamour Magazine has advised.

Or I may go out on a limb and don a striped sweater, taking my fashion cues from the ever-optimistic SpongeBob SquarePants who says, “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.”   I could do a whole lot worse.

NOTE:  My sugar-free pledge runs through August 14 and so far I am abiding by the “Rules of Engagement” as outlined in my previous post.   Last night, I wanted a mocha fudge ice cream dipped in chocolate from Mitchell’s, but I couldn’t face the blogosphere if I indulged so I didn’t.


3 responses to “My Black Wardrobe

  • Joanne desmond

    I think I got you beat, my clothes range from 8 different sizes! I am too ashamed to tell you what sizes!!! I wish I had the guts to try color, black is my main color! The last time I got color, my mother reminded me to stay away from lighter colors!!!

  • Lulu

    Haven’t you heard that navy is the new black? Or is that too St. Stephen’s deja vu? (BTW I just heard that 65 is the new 50… so we are close to the same age!)

    • Nancy Hayden Crowley

      Lulu, in fact I have a few navy blue pieces. I’m searching for more, but the stores haven’t gotten the memo. Black in their favorite color too. In respect to your age, if you are closer to 50, then I am closer to 35. Just remember, I will always be younger.

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